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Finding my way in the Blogosphere


I’m also finding out what Quick Press means and I guess I’m going to find out by filling this out. I’m also finding my way in this World of Blogs. I’ve jumped in with both feet and am swimming away. I love writing and journaling and so I’m blogging but since I believe the Spirit of God has led me to do this and it is to help people, to encourage the saints and aints and for those searching for spirituality, there is a need to find a way for them to read this.

I wonder what that way is?

finding my way

finding my way


Walking by Faith


I dare not say there is nothing to blog, just what blog goes where? I just went downstairs to get something to eat. For anyone following my trip on this Faith Walk you know how I can get hungry. And I get annoyed and then the Holy Spirit tells me I’m being silly and that actually food is right there, I just have to be peaceful and it will come to me what to eat.

Well, with some one dollar bills in my wallet, it seemed the downstairs snack machine was in order. For dinner I could cook some of Gloria’s rice or potatoes to go with the chicken (another miracle – next blog). So I headed down to the basement. One 75¢ bag of potato chips, 25¢ change dropped; next a 75¢ bag of crackers with peanut butter, 25¢ change dropped. Then trouble…well for someone. Those two bags consumed, I went for another bag of chips. Why not? The bag got stuck, so of course I banged on the glass and the bag slipped obediently down. And then, a lot more change fell than seemed necessary. 75¢? Mine? (a la the Finding Nemo movie). Well, I had enough quarters for a 50¢ Mokaccino (and it’s good!) Another dollar bill in for Tortillo chips and here comes too much change…and, an extra bag fell.

Folks I couldn’t make this stuff up.

The First


Well, this is the first of my blogging using WordPress. People seemed to think it’s wonderful. We’ll have to see.

This is a day like any other on my walk as a children’s writer – different. Since I started this walk everyday is different. That’s their similarities.

First I don’t know what to do about my e-mails under No one can get a hold of me there. Should I send out vast e-mails from my gmail acct., ymail acct., msn acct. or which one should I use? It  seems like a massive overhaul, but, it might not be! This may be an example of what God has been trying to say to me that I am making a mountain out of a molehill. I may find that there are very few people who I know, who are essential to my life, who are really communicating with me on that e-mail. And the really important people are on my ancient yahoo acct.  I wish they had smilies faces here on WordPress, ‘cos I feel like LOL.

Secondly, should I keep my website from Network Solutions. They have failed me in that they have allowed someone to spam using one of my e-mails and now the process of being reactivated involves faxing and calling and waiting. This website had become something of a nonentity to me over the last year. Every March, I pay $156 to keep it going, but I wonder what good it does. I’ve had more reaction and feedback on the 15 Nings I belong to and JacketFlap and Faithwriter than my own website. True people can flip through the pages and see me, my family, my writings, but surely I can put all that on a blog. And the flipping through I can do on a movie with movie maker and let people flip on. Mmm. Decisions, decisions –  but again, I may be taking too much time on this mole hill trying to make it a mountain, when the decision is easy and obvious.

Well, the day of writing must go on. So I will return and blog more later.

Love ya’