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Blue Jay Dance


The bright, extravagant dandy-looking blue jay danced around his find.  He found more knick knacks, colorful things from homes, yards and rubbish heaps that were shining, colorful and odd. He piled them up in the grass and delicately arranged them with his beak.  He rearranged them again. They were things that would interest a female blue jay. He looked up.  Checked his finds once more.

“She should love this” he thought and flew up to the lowest bough of a bush nearby and let out his mating cry.

Where was she?  He heard her at a distance and flew off, his arrangement of love abandoned.  He calls to her and she notices him but is not impressed.  He begins to gather new objects of interest and arranges them in the tall grass.  Once his second heap is perfectly arranged, he sees her fly off, “Oh my favorite berries” she squawks.

Not giving up for any reason he flies off after her.  Immediately she settles in a bush of berries, he starts gathering some more pretty objects in front of her.  He lets out his mating cry, “How do you like it,” he cries out.

Finally she pays attention to his third heap of Love. “It’s nice.  You did a good job.”

“I’ve got 2 others like it, if you’d like to judge the best.”

With a glint in his eye the gorgeous extravagant adorned blue jay, said “Come closer and look.”

She did.  And the mating began.

That’s how the Holy Spirit gets us.  He gathers some wonderful miracles.  A great job, beautiful wife, fun vacation.  Even a peaceful, helpful mother-in-law.  He keeps arranging beautiful situations that He hopes will cause us to praise Him. Somewhere in the Bible God says of us, “I will prosper him and then he will praise Me”.  Finally, when we stop long enough to realize it’s Him, He gets us to change position and come to His side and there!…the intimate relation with the Holy Spirit begins.

Copyright © 2008 Carroll Ayo Durodola