Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Children’s Writer


Are you are children’s writer? What are some of the frustrations you going through? We are a different kinda group. I can’t help but think that we’re a little gooky. We live in a world that is different from our adult world. So in a way we live in a fantasy, whether we are are writing about goslings or children with disabilities.

Some of us never smile and people crack up laughing when we say “I’m a children’s writer”, others of us wear huge tall African head ties or elaborate fabrics; still others of us wear costumes like my friend on, Glee.

Here’s one of the crazy things we are apt to do. Write a children’s book and then sell it for Free! Yes, I did! Here it is – “Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and the Soldier Ants” and you can contact me to get your downloadable e-book. It’s the second in the Tunde series of books for children ages 4-8. In this story Tunde gets into trouble with some ants when his mother sends him on an errand. They are not just any ants though, they are soldier ants and they bite hard! Check out where it is also downloadable. Thank you Karen for putting me out there!!!