Monthly Archives: January 2012

The REAL Life of a Writer!!!


You know as I sit here blogging and alternating, adding things to the Tunde books, or my new memoir, or adding stitches to my new knitted fingerless yellow glovesĀ  and eating, I think, writing is not what people think.

I’m sure I used to think, the life of a writer was sitting all day writing. But now years into it, no way is it that way. Carol just passed by and asked “how’s the writing?” and I innocently said “good”, when I thought how I used to think how that looks.

Now for some writers it might look different. Some say they get up at 5 and sit down to write at 8 and write until 4 and return to edit at 8. Boy oh boy! how dreary. More power to them. I instead, go with the flow. (as you can see from all the pictures I’ve taken of myself with my laptop webcam). Oh how anal and orderly folks hate that! The key for me is listening to the voice of God and making sure that I’m doing what my Father in Heaven is doing.

If I’m in sync with SOLG (Spirit of the Living God) all day I’ll be O.K. It’s when I think I’ll follow Stephen Covey’s plan for the work day or veer off into work mode like at Cable & Wireless or DoD or days. Why my having my hair on top of my head today helps me feel more free I don’t know, but as the new year came in I began to feel more free and energized and like nothing can stop me from wallowing in the Presence of the King and being one with my Father God.

The real life of a writer (like me) is to be in the Now. Remain in the present and in the Presence.

Boy, I’m feeling dangerous and frisky and ready to dive off a cliff. I hope it shows up in my work, because I’m not moving from this day bed. LOL