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Focusing on the More Important (this is from 2009 but so relevant for today)


The child grew up, healthy and spirited. He lived out in the desert until the day he made his prophetic debut in Israel. Luke 1:80 (I didn’t know there was 80th verse:) (The Message


The little boy at my brother’s wedding. He waiting for this ceremony to be over.

This verse is for me today. I am in a waiting mode. Waiting for more books to come, so I can sell. Waiting to come out of a wilderness and traveller mode, so I can settle. Waiting for money. Waiting for the direction the Lord has for me next. This verse is me still out in the desert…and the day will come when I will come out into what God has for me. John had his debut, we all will have a debut. All our preparations will make sense as we step out into what God has been training us for. In a lifetime we have many ‘debuts’. (It’s 2017, July and I’m still waiting. Are you still waiting? Keep waiting upon the Lord. He is coming through for you. And look how much you’ve grown in your desert experience.)

This is way more important than our daily irritations, like my email and website problems. But these are stepping stones essential to making us better in our new roles.


What if Esther had left the palace?


queen EstherOne day I’m going to write that story about the little girl Esther, who became a Queen. The way there involved being kidnapped and kept away from her family and loved ones, in a strange household and at the end of it some older man, the king, was going to have sex with her. (Esther 2:1-18)

It must have been awful even though the records do not show that, I’m just imagining.

But she spent that year in seeming luxury. It might not have seemed that way to her, but she was cared for, had beauty treatments, ate well, dressed well and was liked by the Headmaster, Hegai (a eunuch, meaning a man who had his sexual organs removed. O.K. they were kinda ruthless back then).

Sometimes God allows us to be in horrible situations. But it seems Esther remained loyal to her God, Yahweh, the Lord God Almighty and even though she may not have liked this, she stayed.

The story I wanted to write was a view of, what if Esther had refused to stay in that circumstance. Well, obviously she would have missed the opportunity to be Queen, as the King ended up crowning her because he fell in love with her. She would have missed the opportunity to save her people from being killed off. I mean God would have found another saviour, but she would have missed out and we would have missed out on her.

Many of us are in difficult situations. Look full into Jesus wonderful face and see if it is He who has orchestrated this turn in your life. Ask Him as you fix your eyes on Him, why you  are there. If you find out it is of Him, be sure like Him, you can endure this for the joy set before you. For if you do not grow weary and give up you will reap a harvest! (Galatians 6:9).

Another day gone


It just dawned on me, I should be blogging here. So many God-things are happening and I’m blogging at YouTube – – but I love to write also.

Look, I’m finding myself standing up for myself more and not letting people who think they know more lord themselves over me. So I feel stronger. I’ve been going though a PATH (Post Abortion Trauma Healing) for six weeks, so I’ve been grieving (in my own way) and now I feel stronger.  O.K. so I’ve said it. I’ve been in post abortion trauma classes. And it’s been good. I have never heard of such a thing. Anybody else?

Apparently, I needed more than the healing I got from it years ago when I received God’s forgiveness. But there are some actions you continue in that come from having had abortions in your past. Well, if you’re like me and you’ve never heard of this, it’s worth looking into. You don’t just walk away from medical procedures unscathed.

Oops! I think the time on this post is wrong. It says 2:14:27 a.m. and it’s really 10:15 p.m.  My learning curve on WordPress is so long and yet I think it might be better than Blogger.

Today was one of quiet. The Holy Spirit really wanted me still. He said in stillness in His Presence will I get strength. So if you’re striving in anyway – rest and relax. Our Father in Heaven wants us to relax so badly. He sees us striving down here and He groans, “why can’t they rely on Me”. I know some of you are thinking, “how can I relax in this situation that I’m in”.

The Lord longs for you to relax. The God of this Universe, longs for you to relax. He has the Holy Spirit on hand to show you how to relax even in the situation you’re in. Bless you. It’s nightie night for me. Sleep tight.

The REAL Life of a Writer!!!


You know as I sit here blogging and alternating, adding things to the Tunde books, or my new memoir, or adding stitches to my new knitted fingerless yellow gloves  and eating, I think, writing is not what people think.

I’m sure I used to think, the life of a writer was sitting all day writing. But now years into it, no way is it that way. Carol just passed by and asked “how’s the writing?” and I innocently said “good”, when I thought how I used to think how that looks.

Now for some writers it might look different. Some say they get up at 5 and sit down to write at 8 and write until 4 and return to edit at 8. Boy oh boy! how dreary. More power to them. I instead, go with the flow. (as you can see from all the pictures I’ve taken of myself with my laptop webcam). Oh how anal and orderly folks hate that! The key for me is listening to the voice of God and making sure that I’m doing what my Father in Heaven is doing.

If I’m in sync with SOLG (Spirit of the Living God) all day I’ll be O.K. It’s when I think I’ll follow Stephen Covey’s plan for the work day or veer off into work mode like at Cable & Wireless or DoD or days. Why my having my hair on top of my head today helps me feel more free I don’t know, but as the new year came in I began to feel more free and energized and like nothing can stop me from wallowing in the Presence of the King and being one with my Father God.

The real life of a writer (like me) is to be in the Now. Remain in the present and in the Presence.

Boy, I’m feeling dangerous and frisky and ready to dive off a cliff. I hope it shows up in my work, because I’m not moving from this day bed. LOL

Ayele, the Little Lost Girl



Ayele was a little 6-year old girl who lived in a village with her mother, her father, her brothers and sisters and all her cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  This is the way many children live in Africa, surrounded by lots of family and friends, who may have to come to stay.  So Ayele had a lot of people around to take care of her.  She had a lot of people to play with too.  Lots of cousins and brothers and sisters and friends. 

She loved to go with her best girlfriends into the woods and hills.  They would watch the monkeys play, listen to the birds, swim in the river, mimic the frogs and catch silver fish with their bare hands.  It was a fun life, and it was summer all the time.  It’s like that in a lot of African countries. 

Ayele’s favorite thing to do was to climb the hills around her village and pick flowers.  There were all kinds of flowers of all kinds of colors.  Sometimes lovely white sticky sap would run out of them when she plucked them, and run down her fingers.  But she would wipe her hands on the lush green grass, and go on. 

One day when Ayele was out playing with her friends they all decided to go to a particular hill that had beautiful flowers.  Ayele remembered that her parents had told her to always tell them where she was going.  One of Ayele friends said, “Let’s go tell our mommies.”   But Ayele thought that if she told her mother that she was going to the hills, she would say Ayele shouldn’t go because the sun was going down.  So, Ayele quickly said, “No, let’s just go quickly and come right back, and surprise them with the beautiful flowers.”  She started skipping off to the hill, and the other little girls followed, laughing, and cartwheeling all the way. 

They got to the top of the hill, panting and breathless, and found the most gorgeous patch of flowers. They started picking the flowers as fast as they could and made a game of picking the most flowers.  In their excitement and joy they did not notice that the sun was going down faster and faster or that the flowers were beginning to close up for the night, curling their petals. 

In the meantime in Ayele’s village, mothers were busy shouting for daughters to come and help with dinner.  “Ayele”! “Ayele”!   Ayele’s mother shouted, “Come in here, you know it’s time to prepare dinner!”  Ayele’s mother, like all the other moms, wasn’t getting any answers.  One mom would shout over to another’s house to see if her little girl was over there.  Another would shout to her friend.  Very soon, all the mothers knew that none of their little girls could be found.  They met in the village square.  Fathers were close behind them.  Dinner was forgotten.  “Where could those little ones be!” they thought, and the sun was about to disappear over the hills.  When that happened there would be no light at all.  Ayele’s little village didn’t have electricity yet. 

The mothers and fathers lit their hurricane lamps and began to search everywhere. They searched the woods, down by the river, in the farms…no one. 

In the meantime high up on the hill the little girls suddenly realized that they could hardly see the flowers, so they began to walk back to the village.  That’s when they found out they weren’t sure which way they had come.  They tried first one way and then another.  AND THEN DARKNESS FELL.  It was really scary.  The only thing they could do was sit.  Ayele began to cry.  She remembered stories her big brother had told her about leopards and night snakes.  She just wanted to be home having dinner.  The other little girls told Ayele to stop crying like a baby, someone would come for them.  But she couldn’t stop crying, so they made up a song about her: 

“Ayele lost her mommy,

Ayele lost her mommy,

Poor Ayele, poor Ayele,

Ayele lost her mommy.” 

The song made Ayele laugh, and it made them all feel better, so they sang together, louder and louder.

By this time the mommies had reached the hill.  They searched and searched under every bush.  As they came up the hill, one of them said, “Wait, listen, I hear something.”  And sure enough it was the little girls singing: 

“Ayele lost her mommy,

Ayele lost her mommy,

Poor Ayele, poor Ayele,

Ayele lost her mommy.” 


The mommies shouted to the daddies that they had found them, and ran up the hill, hurricane lamps swinging madly. They followed the sound of singing and just over the top of the hill… there they were!!! Their little girls.  The mommies were breathless, worried and angry, but when they saw their daughters they just couldn’t scold them.  Mommies ran to little girls and little girls ran toward hurricane lamp lights and finally into mommies arms.  They were glad to be found and excited to be going home.  They showed off their flowers and all the way home sang the song together: 

“Ayele lost her mommy,

Ayele lost her mommy,

Poor Ayele, poor Ayele,

Ayele lost her mommy”. 

copyright © 1997 Carroll Ayo Durodola

To see this story where it was featured in Yoruba Alliance magazine, click on this link. On the page scroll down and click NEXT to see some great pictures from the festivals.

Here’s where you download your copy of Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince and the Soldier Ants


This is the second book in the Tunde series of children’s books about Tunde, the Little Nigerian Prince. In this one, Tunde gets into trouble with some ants when his mother sends him on an errand. They are not just any ants though, they are soldier ants and they bite hard!

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Princess Ayo