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Feeling My Oats


4th of July! Independence Day for the United States! Free from the British – Yeah! Is it just me, or are they invading us…news shows, entertainment, movies? Are they back? Watch out! In a minute they’ll be President.

It’s a good day. Once again I have victory…I just realized my dearest desire, NOT to have to go out to any barbeque today. To be in. Maybe, I’ll go over to a friend’s to swim, but don’t have to do that either. Let me tell you – it is hot. In Reston, Virginia it is 95 degrees with 55% humidity and it’s oppressive. Dew point 76F…whatever that means. I’ve never known, but dad used to study that stuff to track why he was feeling whichever way.

Am I ‘feeling my oats’ at last after 56 years on this Earth? Yes, I’m feeling even more empowered than I was yesterday. I thought I was already BOLD? But I guess not enough. If I don’t feel like accepting a friend’s request to come over, I can do that. What’s the worst that could happen? Puleeese! And this friend isn’t even like that…I think.

It’s my baby sister’s birthday. Yep! She’s a firecracker. The baby girl is 49! I know, right? When that happens you really hold relationships more dear. People are moving on in years. Time waits for no one. I got to talk to the baby girl today, which was nice and rare. She’s always busy at work or having some kind of fun:) But we got to chit chat a little this time. I love her. What a sweetheart and a character. She’s not boring and very funny. I wish for her blessings and  revelation from the King of Kings into the supernatural mysteries of God, so that she has an awesome life of luxury and joy. Her humor should be used to bring people into the life God ordained for them.

I love the Lord. Yesterday I blogged on this blog, but I meant to blog on my other blog, Faith Journey Now! I couldn’t believe I made that mistake. The ladies in the PATH class gasped in horror. But oh well, “my steps are ordered by the Lord” & “my times are in His Hands”. This must be where He wanted me to say what I said. I’m following Him on this one too.

Here’s what got me, so many of you liked the post and subscribed to this blog. I was in shock. The Holy Spirit said, don’t you think you’re interesting. No, I really don’t. But thank you all for your interest.

O.K. I’m moving on with my wonderful day.

5:23 p.m. EST